Your Machine Concept 

In 3 Steps

Step 1: Ideation

Transform that initial thought into the right idea.

Step 2: Sketch

Get a simple, pencil drawing of what we think should happen.

Step 3: Design

CAD, assembly and PLC’s are done right here.

Step 1: Ideation

START HERE:  The problem.  Define it.  Get specific, get measurements, weights, cycle time.  

  *If this is a process involving other people, remember to be respectful, do a Gemba Walk.


DO THIS NEXT:  Write down all the ways this can be accomplished.  Brainstorm.

  *Categorize, a missing category can generate a host of new ideas.


FOLLOWED BY:  Interpret each others ideas.

  *Viewpoints are another technique to spur ideas.


THEN:  Select the best.  Rank the ideas.  

  *We use metrics including Cost, Ease of Use, Complexity.

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